How to Connect a PS4 Controller

The PS4 controller is an essential tool for any PlayStation 4 gamer. With its ergonomic design and advanced features, it enhances the gaming experience. But what if you want to connect it to other devices like a PC, Android phone, or iOS device? In this article, we will guide you through the various methods of connecting your PS4 controller to different devices.

Understanding the PS4 Controller

Before we dive into the connection methods, let’s familiarize ourselves with the components of the PS4 controller. The controller features a directional pad, action buttons, analog sticks, a touchpad, trigger buttons, and a share button, all designed to provide precise and immersive gameplay.

Compatibility of PS4 Controller

The PS4 controller is not only compatible with the PlayStation 4 console but also with other devices. It can be used with PCs, Android devices, and iOS devices, expanding its usability beyond the gaming console.

Connecting via USB Cable

The USB cable is one of the simplest ways to connect your PS4 controller to various devices. We’ll cover how to connect it to a PS4 console, a PC, an Android device, and an iOS device.

Connecting to a PS4 Console

To connect your PS4 controller to a PS4 console, simply plug one end of the USB cable into the controller and the other end into one of the USB ports on the front of the console. The controller will be automatically paired, and you can start gaming right away.

Connecting to a PC

To use your PS4 controller on a PC, you’ll need a USB-to-Micro-USB cable. Connect the cable to the controller and the USB port on your PC. Windows will automatically detect the controller, and you can start using it in compatible games.

Connecting to Android Devices

Connecting your PS4 controller to an Android device requires an OTG (On-The-Go) cable. Plug one end of the OTG cable into your Android device and the other end into the controller. Your Android device should recognize the controller, allowing you to use it in supported games.

Connecting to iOS Devices

Unfortunately, directly connecting a PS4 controller to an iOS device is not possible due to Apple’s restrictions. However, you can use third-party apps like “OneCast” or “Remote Play” to connect your controller to your iOS device over Wi-Fi.

Connecting via Bluetooth

Using Bluetooth allows for wireless connectivity, granting you more flexibility while gaming. Here’s how to connect your PS4 controller to various devices via Bluetooth.

Connecting to a PS4 Console

To connect your PS4 controller to a PS4 console via Bluetooth, ensure that the controller is turned off. Then, press and hold the “Share” button and the “PS” button simultaneously until the light bar starts flashing. On your PS4 console, navigate to “Settings” > “Devices” > “Bluetooth Devices” and select the controller to pair.

Connecting to a PC

To connect your PS4 controller to a PC via Bluetooth, first, ensure that your PC has Bluetooth capabilities. On your PC, go to “Settings” > “Devices” > “Bluetooth & other devices” and enable Bluetooth. Press and hold the “Share” button and the “PS” button on the controller until it enters pairing mode. Your PC should detect the controller, and you can connect it.

Connecting to Android Devices

Connecting your PS4 controller to an Android device via Bluetooth is similar to the PC method. Enable Bluetooth on your Android device, put the controller in pairing mode, and select it from the list of available Bluetooth devices.

Connecting to iOS Devices

As with the USB connection method, direct Bluetooth pairing with an iOS device is not officially supported. Use third-party apps for remote play over Wi-Fi.

Troubleshooting Connection Issues

Sometimes, you might encounter connection issues with your PS4 controller. In this section, we’ll address common problems like controller not pairing and general connectivity problems, providing troubleshooting steps to resolve them.

Controller Not Pairing

If your controller is not pairing, ensure it’s in pairing mode, and the device you’re trying to connect to supports PS4 controllers. Resetting the controller by pressing the small reset button on the back may also help.

Connectivity Problems

If you experience lag or connection dropouts, try moving closer to the device you’re connecting to, as interference might be causing the issue. Additionally, make sure your devices have up-to-date firmware and drivers.

Customizing the Controller Settings

The PS4 allows you to customize your controller settings to suit your gaming style. Adjusting button mapping, sensitivity, and other settings can give you a competitive edge and enhance your overall gaming performance.

Maintaining and Cleaning the PS4 Controller

Regular maintenance and cleaning of your PS4 controller are essential to ensure its longevity and optimal performance. We’ll provide you with some simple tips on how to keep your controller in top condition.

Enhancing Gaming Experience with the PS4 Controller

The PS4 controller offers unique features like the touchpad and motion controls. We’ll explore how you can make the most of these features to enhance your gaming experience in supported games.

How do I hook up my PS4 controller if I don’t have a cable?

To connect your PS4 controller without a cable, you can use Bluetooth. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Turn on the PS4 controller: Press and hold the “PS” button in the center of the controller until the light bar starts flashing.
  2. Enable Bluetooth on your device: Make sure the device you want to connect the controller to has Bluetooth capabilities and that it is turned on.
  3. Put the controller in pairing mode: To do this, while the light bar is flashing, press and hold the “Share” button (located on the left side of the touchpad) until the light bar starts flashing more rapidly.
  4. Search for the controller on your device: On your device, go to the Bluetooth settings and search for available devices. The PS4 controller should appear in the list of available Bluetooth devices.
  5. Pair the controller: Once the controller is on the list, choose it to start the process of pairing. The controller is linked when the light bar on it stops flashing and stays on.
  6. Verify the connection: After the pairing process is complete, you can check if the controller is working correctly by navigating through your device’s interface or testing it in a compatible game.

That’s it! You can now use your PS4 controller wirelessly via Bluetooth to play games or control your device without the need for a cable.

Can I control ps4 with my phone?

Yes, you can control your PS4 with a phone using the official PlayStation App. The PlayStation App is available for both Android and iOS devices and allows you to remotely control certain features of your PS4 console. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Download the PlayStation App: Go to the Google Play Store (for Android) or the App Store (for iOS), search for “PlayStation App,” and download it.
  2. Sign in to your PlayStation Network (PSN) account: Open the app and sign in using your PSN account credentials. Make sure you use the same account that you use on your PS4 console.
  3. Connect the app to your PS4: On your PS4 console, go to “Settings” > “Mobile App Connection Settings” and select “Add Device.” You will be given a code.
  4. Enter the code in the app: Back in the PlayStation App, enter the code provided on your PS4 to link the app with your console.
  5. Start controlling your PS4: Once the app is connected to your PS4, you can use it to control your console remotely. The app offers various features, such as navigating the PS4 dashboard, using the virtual keyboard, accessing the PlayStation Store, and even controlling media playback.


Connecting a PS4 controller to various devices can significantly expand your gaming possibilities. Whether it’s pairing it with a PC for gaming versatility or connecting it to your Android device for on-the-go gaming, the PS4 controller’s compatibility is a game-changer. Additionally, understanding how to troubleshoot common connectivity issues and customize its settings can further enhance your gaming experience. So, next time you want to enjoy gaming beyond your PS4 console, follow these steps to connect your PS4 controller seamlessly.


  1. Can I use my PS4 controller on a PS5 console?
    • Yes, you can use your PS4 controller on a PS5 console, but only when playing PS4 games. PS5 games require the use of the new DualSense controller.
  2. How do I update my PS4 controller’s firmware?
    • To update your PS4 controller’s firmware, connect it to your PS4 console using a USB cable, go to “Settings” > “Devices” > “Controllers,” and select “Update Firmware.”
  3. Can I connect multiple PS4 controllers to one device?
    • Yes, you can connect multiple PS4 controllers to one device, such as a PS4 console or a PC, allowing for multiplayer gaming.
  4. Is it possible to use a PS4 controller with emulators on a PC?
    • Yes, many PC emulators support PS4 controllers. You can connect your PS4 controller to your PC via USB or Bluetooth and configure it to work with various emulated games.
  5. Can I use my PS4 controller with games on Steam?
    • Yes, Steam natively supports PS4 controllers, making it easy to use them with a wide range of games available on the platform. Simply connect your controller, and it should work seamlessly with compatible games.

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